SleepNight Indulgent 8cm Euro Top on Pocket spring with Memory foam Mattress | Model Mem Euro#

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Type: Mattress Model: Mem Euro Size: Queen size
Quality Pocket-spring with a plush Euro top layer made of cashmere and memory foam making it just right for most European people looking for a soft and super-comfy mattress.
Normally available in 2 sizes from Queen to King, please call us to make sure it’s available.

Brand: SleepMax
Model: Mem Euro
Total Thickness(cm): 28
Firmness: Soft
Warranty: 10 Years

Main Structure:
Spring Type: Pocket Spring Height(cm): 20
1st Layer: Cashmere 1st Layer Thickness(cm): 3
2nd Layer: Memory Foam 2nd Layer Thickness(cm): 2
3rd Layer: Support Foam 3rd Layer Thickness(cm): 3

Pocket Spring: Coils are seperately wrapped inside fabric pockets thus springs themselves are not directly wired together. By doing so each coil can adjust individually according to the weight distribution, offering multi-point support based on your body contour, furthermore, eliminating interference between coils also prevents partner disturbance and roll together, as they work independently.
5-Zoned: Spring coils with different turns&wire gauge are distributed Ergonomically, resulting in less pressure points for better blood circulation and a more rejuvenating sleep.
Memory Foam: Memory foam layer moulds to body shape, giving extra gentle pressure point relief support for hours of restful sleep. By allowing heavier body area to sink down first, best support can be applied to curved-in areas such as waist which is vital for correct spinal allignment.
Support Foam: Foam of lower density can shrink in thickness overtime and hardens up, which makes it very uncomfortable, an example would be those sagged couch seat and mattresses. We only use best quality durable foam to provide long-lasting support.
Foam Encasement: Coils are surrounded by high-density resilient foam contributing to enhanced edge support and a stable structure.



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